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Teen Health NYC "Health Awareness" Tour

A unique fundraising event to support Teen Health &  Lavelle School for the Blind.


About the Event

Jun 9th, 2023  9:30AM - 1:00PM


We are partnering with the LSB  to raise awareness for their continued work supporting individuals with disabilities. Working with our partners across the Natural Products Industry, we will provide attendees with an array of healthy foods, snacks, drinks and natural personal care products to sample.

We uses the foundation of food and diet as the cornerstone for everything we do. To  celebrate the summer season, we're looking to get nutrient-dense snacks and supplements directly into the hands of teens. The Tour is one of the platforms we use to educate teens about the benefits of healthy diets.  

We will also feature the work of some wonderful non-profits engaged to support individuals with disabilities in the New York City area. Come out to enjoy the event to support of our NYC "Health Awareness" Tour. You can now purchase gift bags containing healthy snacks that will be given to teens.

About our Partner 

Lavelle Logo.png

Lavelle School for the Blind

Mission Statement:


The mission of Lavelle School for the Blind is to provide students with visual impairments and varying additional disabilities with the education, services, resources, and experiences necessary for them to reach their fullest potential in life.

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